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Looking for a great career in the manufacturing industry? Stehl Corporation is looking for talented go-getters who are committed to our values of excellence and uncompromising quality. We’re currently looking to fill a variety of roles, so check out the openings below to see if there’s the right fit for you.

Please email your application to


• Basic Truck Maintenance and Organization
• Loading and Unloading of Job Pieces, Equipment, Material, etc.
• General Labor (Post Hole Digging, Concrete Mixing, etc.)
• Read and Understand Tape Measure
• Prep and Paint For Job Touch Up
• Basic Finish Work Abilities (Grinding, Sanding)
• Installation Assistance (Run Lags, Hammer Drill, Cut with Porta Ban Saw, Saws All, etc.


• Valid Arizona Drivers License
• Able to Install Basic Jobs Efficiently: Handrail, Stair Rail, Doors, 
Fence, Gates, Deck Rail, etc.
• Basic Welding Skills (Fluxcore) Non-Structural, Void of Significant Flaws
• High Level Finish Work
• Understand and Install Off Basic Shop Drawings
• Basic English Communication Skill


• Welding Skills Light Structural
• Able to Install Stairs (Straight and Spiral), Custom Sweeping Rails and Steel Columns
• Able to Template and Custom Fabricate on Site
• Good Knowledge of Codes Pertaining to Steel Products (Stairs, Guard Rails, etc.)
• Able to Work Off of Blue Prints
• Strong Communication Skills (Conversational English at Minimum)


• Advanced Welding Skills (Certified 4G)
• Able to Effectively Read and Work Off of Blue Prints, Plans and Structural Details, etc.
• Strong Rigging Abilities and Knowledge
• Advanced Torch Abilities
• Able to Operate Heavy Install Equipment (Tele-Handler, Boom, Lifts, etc.)
• Strong Knowledge of Crane Signals
• Able to Layout, Fabricate and Erect Custom Structural Jobs, such as Helix Type Stairs, Radius Structures, etc.


• General Shop Maintenance and Housekeeping
• De-Burr, Wash and Organize Cut Jobs
• Unload and Stock Incoming Steel, Hardware, etc.
• Place Incoming Steel, Hardware, etc. in Proper Places
• Keep Stock Bins and Steel Racks Clean and Organized
• Basic Grinding
• Roll Spiral Handrails
• Understand and Accurately Cut Job From Shop Drawings
• Wood Gates
• Read/Understand Tape Measure


• Basic Welding Skills (Steel Mig) Non-Structural, Void of Significant Flaws
• Able to Fabricate Basic Products Including, but not limited to: Fence Panels, Basic Gates, Straight Rails and Hand Railing
• Operate Forklift
• Operate Ironworker
• Operate Roll-Bender
• Understand and Build Off of Basic Shop Drawings
• Basic Oxyacetylene Torch Skills
• Clean Plasma Skills

level-3 shop worker

• Advanced Welding Skills (Mig) Light Structural
• Able to Fabricate Angle Rails, Radius Rails, Arch Top Gates and Spiral Stairs
• Mid Level Forging Skills
• High Level Finish Skills
• Strong Communication Skills (Conversational English at Minimum)
• Advanced Abilities With Oxyacetylene
• Basic Blue Print/CAD Drawing Knowledge Beams/ Columns/ Plates, etc.

level-4 shop worker

• Certified Welder (4G)
• Able to Fabricate Off of Blue Prints and/or CAD Shop Drawings - All Levels
• Able to Layout and Fabricate Stairs (Straight and Radius)

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