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Looking for a way to increase the curb appeal on your home by finding an alternative to straight line stairs? Do you need a way to travel along a multi-level home or structure? We encourage you to consider a metal spiral staircase from Arizona's largest supplier, Paramount Iron, Inc. Our spiral staircases come in a variety of finishes, sizes and styles to compliment the custom look of your home. Our company has differentiated itself from its competitors in the spiral staircase industry by fabricating fully assembled spiral staircases, rather than the spiral staircase kits. The fully assembled spirals are much sturdier and more importantly, are completely ready to install to save you time and money. Traditional spiral staircase kits tend to become loose, and require costly maintenance.

However, Paramount Iron understands that due to structural limitations, you may need to purchase one of our spiral staircase kits. In some instances, primarily related to interior applications, our fully assembled spiral staircase is not feasible due to its dimensions. Keeping all of our valued customers in mind, we have engineered a modification of our traditional spiral staircase kit. Our modified spiral staircase kits consist of a fully assembled beautiful spiral staircase, separated into three or four pieces (number of pieces depends on the overall height you request for your new spiral staircase). The spiral flanges together, and becomes one sturdy, fully assembled piece once it is welded together. And once a qualified, certified welder assembles your new staircase, the spiral kit becomes as sturdy as a fully assembled iron spiral staircase ensuring your safety and comfort whileimproving the beauty of your home.

Paramount Iron is fully committed to implementing the latest technology and design innovations to our spiral staircases. We have invested resources into training our skilled metal workers to increase their efficiency while maintaining the superior quality our brand is known for.

Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, we have a spiral staircase to achieve the look and movement that you're seeking.  We can ship your spiral staircase anywhere in the continental United States at a time of your convenience. Fill out our dynamic quote form or call us today at 602.323.9957 if you have a custom spiral staircase in mind.